Laser show artwork: Preloaded Laser Jukebox

LaserNet has a way to offer more entertainment opportunities to your patrons using the laser equipment you already have -- the pre-loaded Laser Jukebox.

We have a very large, premier laser graphic show library. (Simply contact us and we'll send you a full listing of current shows and songs.) The idea is to be able to have your laser equipment play a wider variety of laser shows for additional entertainment use. These shows include all laser graphics already choreographed to music.

Some of the possible themes available with LaserNet's Laser Jukebox are Halloween, Patriotic, Christmas and New Years Eve, summer fun shows, and a dance party show. You can also run shows for your guests’ special occasions like, happy birthday, anniversaries, weddings -- even a proposal of marriage!

The Laser Jukebox system is flexible and can be played on all laser systems. It is "plug-and-play" ready, and any operator can run it. Playback can be cued by MIDI or by your sound operator.
Laser Jukebox programmed shows
Shows are defined as the complete laser shows from the large selection in the catalog, running up to as much as 45-55 minutes, containing at least six song modules. Some shows include as many as 15 songs!

You can pick the shows you like from any of our catalog ... or you can mix-and-match songs into your own show. If you decide to mix-and-match, you may select up to six songs to create your own show.

These shows are not sold, but are licensed for unlimited use for a period of one year. This method allows us to keep the cost very low for you. The regular annual license for each show is $1,200 per show per year.
Laser Jukebox annual package - save over 33%
Many clients want a number of shows, as a complete package. In order to make this simple and affordable, we offer the following Annual Package:

  • Your choice of 4 complete shows from the catalog. Examples are: Summer Fun Show, Americana/Patriotic Show, Halloween Show and Christmas/New Year’s show
  • You can also add a 5th and 6th show of your choice, including Mix-and-Match song modules of up to 6 songs. No additional charge!
  • Annual package update: Your package will include two new song modules yearly. To keep all of the shows contemporary, we will be creating new song modules on a continuous basis. From a list of new song modules, you will be able to add songs to your shows each year when the license is renewed.
  • Older song modules will remain on your system for you to use as you see fit. You will be able to choose either graphic or beam/aerial song modules.

If all the above was priced separately at the standard $1,200 per year the annual price for that would be $9,600.

LaserNet will offer this annual package for only $5,995 (not including equipment, if needed) per year for all of this.

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