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Lasershow Designer 2000, from Pangolin Laser Software, is suggested for advanced users who want exacting control over the graphics and animations that make up a show.

There are three levels of LD2000: Intro, Basic and Pro. Features that they all share are listed below.

Compared with our LaserMax system, LD2000 requires more sophisticated programming and is more expensive. But if you need this power, then we can help. LaserNet can install, train and support LD2000. Whether you already have a laser system or you are getting a complete system from LaserNet, we're your choice as an official authorized Pangolin LD2000 dealer.
Frame drawing and creation
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Draw with the mouse, type text using any font on your computer, auto-trace logos and clip art, import photographs, and digitize paper artwork using an (optional) graphics table. Front, top and side views work like a CAD program, to create 3D objects and designs. Special effects such as morphing and wrapping frames. Handles all four major types of frames: point drawings, vector drawings, classic planetarium-type abstracts and TV-type photorealistic raster images.
Timeline-based show creation
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Select a frame or animation, add an effect such as "Fade in" or "Rotate", and drop them as an event onto the timeline. Stretch the event to match the music track.
Live cue-playing software
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Set up the computer keyboard, or a separate console (photo) with glowing keys. Trigger up to 432 cues; each one can trigger laser graphics, beams and external devices. Just press a key to run a cue, a song, or an entire show. Designed both for live corporate-type laser displays, and for fast-paced disco and nightclub laser shows.
QM2000 hardware board
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The “secret” to LD2000’s power is its Pangolin-manufactured QM2000 board. This is a self-contained computer with its own microprocessor, memory and projector control outputs. It installs in a computer or notebook docking station's PCI board slot.

The board gets commands from the LD2000 and Showtime programs. When displaying a frame, or playing a show, the board does this completely on its own, without relying on the host PC. This advanced technology means reliable shows that do not vary based on the host PC's speed or processing load.
Advanced features
The Lasershow Designer system is chosen for the world’s best shows because of its hardware and software sophistication.

For example, a laser show featured 400 watts of laser power from 16 projectors in Moscow’s Lushniki Stadium. The LD2000 system ran on a network so a single operator could run different show material on every projector, using 16 computers equipped with LD2000. The show producer chose LD2000 specifically because no other system had this much control.
Add-on software
Additional programs that work with LD2000 are available. One of these, Lasershow Converter Max, turns drawings done with a standard computer graphics system, 3Ds Max, into laser-projected images.

Another optional program is LivePro. This goes beyond the live cue-playing software included in LD2000 by giving you four track operation, multiple beam and TTL chasers, automatic music operation and much more.

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