Laser show artwork: Stock frames

Since the creation of Lasermax, thousand of frames of laser graphics have been developed for shows all over the world. Now these laser images have been complied into one awesome stock library. Plus graphics from other Lasermax users have also been included. This library is now available to all Lasermax users!
Laser library contents
The library includes frames, scenes, animations, and even music modules, from the following categories:
  • Aerials & Beams
    • Celebrations/Party
    • Corporate Logos
    • Holidays
    • Patriotic
    • People
    • Sports
    • Transportation
Plus many more!
Also available
  • Complete Laser Shows, with music -- on CD or ADAT tape
  • The total laser library consists of hundreds and hundreds of graphics, representing years of work, thousands of hours and dollars. The entire library is $8,495.


With an email address and a credit card, this offer can be on its way to you now!

  • You can also purchase the library one piece at a time for $250 per megabyte. Just contact us at the address below for more details.

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