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The following are a few sample laser show descriptions. Remember, LaserNet customizes our laser light shows to fit each client's exact show theme or concept. All laser light shows include set-up, rehearsal, performance, strike, smoke machine(s), technicians, screen (where applicable - rigging may be extra), insurance coverage, and all Federal and State filings and notifications. We take care of everything for you!

The main choices to consider are:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor -- Laser shows held outdoors require more powerful lasers, and 30 days advance notice to the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Beams and/or graphics -- Each is impressive. Beams fill space unlike any other light and give a "Star Wars" effect. Laser graphics have a look that's excitingly different from the TV and image mag which are so common at events.

  • Laser color -- Do you want a single laser color, or the variety of full color?

  • Laser power -- How much power do you need? We can specify a minimum although of course you can go to much brighter lasers for a greater impact.

Indoor Beam & Aerial Show
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A full color (white light) or single-color green laser combines with our LaserPro laser beam projector to shoot an incredible array of laser beams throughout the venue. Bounce mirrors, rotating mirror barrels, and a 180° fan are utilized to create a web of laser beams over the audience.

The beams can either stand majestically or pulsate to the beat of the music. Bounce mirrors, smoke machine and technician are all included.

Indoor Beam & Graphic Show
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The same as above, with the addition of a graphic computer for animation.

Our Laser Pro green beam projector will shoot an incredible array of laser beams throughout your venue. Bounce mirrors, rotating mirror barrels, and a 180° fan are some of the tools utilized to create a web of laser beams over the audience. The beams can either stand majestically or pulsate to the beat of the music.

The 5-watt full color (white light) graphic computer adds another level of creativity to the production. From spinning shapes and zooming corporate logos, to highly choreographed music modules, the graphic computer turns a beam show into a total package.

Text messages can be added to any show instantly ON-SITE. Shows include 1 free logo. Custom animated modules are available upon request.

Outdoor Beam Presentation
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Due to the lack of control over outdoor incidental light, (i.e. moon, street lights, etc.), it is necessary to utilize a more powerful laser for outdoor productions. We utilize powerful lasers outdoors to allow for the most impact and to guarantee a great show.

Bounce mirrors, rotating mirror barrels, 180° fan effect, as well as scanned aerial effects, are used to create a high impact presentation.
Note for all outdoor shows
The Federal Aviation Administration regulates lasers outdoors in the U.S. Each outdoor venue is verified 30 days prior to the actual performance date.
LaserNet will submit information to the FAA for permission to shoot laser beams into open airspace. If the venue is too close to an airport, the FAA will require beams to be terminated onto existing structures such as trees, buildings, etc.

Outdoor Beam & Graphic Presentation
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Same beam treatment as above, but in addition, the graphic computer is added for full graphic capability as described above in our Indoor Beam & Graphic Show, however with added high power, the graphics can be used in more diverse conditions.

Depending upon the production format, a screen or building is always suggested to be used as a projection surface. A rear projection screen and a see-thru scrim are two types of screens, in a variety of sizes, are available from LaserNet.

  • The see-thru scrim gives the illusion that the image is floating in mid air as the beam travels through the screen. (See our Client List for examples of these.) A typical see-thru scrim size is 9 x 12 feet.

  • A rear projection screen terminates the beam on the screen allowing for maximum graphic projection brightness. Our screens are available on automatic rollers. Our new 20 x 20 foot shark tooth scrim roller completes the screen inventory.

Shows can be single color or full color (white light). Shows include 1 free logo. Custom animated modules are available upon request.

Ultra High Powered YAG
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One of the most powerful light show lasers is LaserNet’s 60 watt YAG.

The uniqueness of the YAG laser is due to the fact that it comes to us from industrial applications where it is used for welding and cutting.

This lime green beam when projected into our Scanner Pro projector gives us the ability to create incredible aerial projections. Plus due to the incredible brightness of the YAG, we are able to optically split the main beam for multiple uses. We've created what we affectionately call the "3 Headed Monster". By splitting the beam into thirds, we add two remote projectors with fiber optics and the end result appears to the audience as three separate YAG projectors coming at you!

This form of efficiency keeps LaserNet at the forefront of laser light show engineering.

Unique gold-colored beams
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LaserNet is proud to offer the Copper Bromide laser system. What makes it unique is high-powered, incredibly bright gold-colored laser beam. This unusual color dazzles any laser show audience with its intensity.

These pulsed, air-cooled systems range in power from 3 to 40 Watts and are designed for beam & aerial laser light shows.

LaserXpress & Laser Simulator Show
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The LaserXpress is the latest in the line of superior professional laser products provided by LaserNet. The laser projector derives its name from the ability to quickly setup, perform and strike the show, making lasers very cost-effective for all involved. The LaserXpress will both express the message design in your show, and at the same time, give you express service in order to quickly setup and perform a laser light show.

This laser show features graphic software that enables us to exactly duplicate corporate logos, as well as, present images from our twenty year graphic library. All you have to do is tell us the theme of your event and we can customize the images to fit.

A typical show with the LaserXpress is four hours in duration. The LaserXpress is best designed to accompany the DJ or band in a support environment. By placing the LaserXpress behind the DJ, the laser shoots out above and over his head, over the audience, makes for a spectacular presentation. In addition, we can hang a see-thru scrim, which will allow the images to magically appear like they are floating in mid-air. Shows include one smoke machine and one operator.

In addition to the LaserXpress, we will add the VSCAN, laser simulator projectors. Two of these projectors on either side of the center screen provide for a surrounding laser show that is very dynamic and impressive. The VSCAN has the added feature of be able to shoot full color beams and aerials directly into your audience, as it contains safe, white light.

Custom Configurations
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Each laser light show production is unique onto itself and therefore has its own laser requirements. The above descriptions of the different laser show applications can be mixed and matched to fulfill the needs of each production.

Custom configurations require custom quotes. Discounts are allowed for multiple system rentals and multiple show days.

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