"Liquid Fireworks®" fountains

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When we first saw the Liquid Fireworks® fountains, we knew this would be a perfect addition for some of our clients. Just as dancing laser light boosts the audience's excitement level, the dancing waters of the fountain also really adds to an event.

The term "Liquid Fireworks" refers to the intense color produced by the underwater dichroic lighting -- up to four times brighter than ordinary fountain lighting. Liquid Fireworks brand fountains feature a patented array of individually-articulated nozzles, so the water can jump, twist, sway and swirl in breathtaking movements surpassing those of human dancers. Audiences watch enthralled for 30 minutes or longer.

Liquid Fireworks fountains - outdoors
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Liquid Fireworks is a self contained unit that includes water jets, lighting, and pre-choreographed shows all built into a 30-foot trailer. Dimensions are 30 feet long by 8 feet wide. Water will shoot as high as 15 feet. Weight is 10,000 pounds.

Liquid Fireworks fountains - indoors
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The same 30-foot unit as above can be used indoors as long as the venue has access for the trailer.

15-foot units are now being manufactured for indoor venues. Please call us for details.

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